Golden Box Book Publishing GBBPub February Magazine - Page 48

EXCERPT The book contains explicit scenes and language “Just what were you doing at Heaven’s Passage today?” Brandt said, his anger palpable. “Why don’t you come in, Brandt?” I asked, taking a deep breath and searching my brain for an excuse. “I was attending services with my friend, Audrina. We're teaching partners, you know that.” “Don’t give me that bullshit! You know McQueen’s cult is dangerous. I can’t have you involved in such a dangerous cult.” His voice was riddled with concern. “We need to talk…now.” I wasn't about to get tangled in a heated tryst with him. Lord knows I could have easily been tempted to do it with him, right then, on the sofa, but I put my guard up and tried to lock eyes with him. “Yes, we can talk tomorrow after school. I have to do one more errand before then.” “Well, just to let you know, I’ll be following you. It’s for your own good. Time is not on your side. I do know there are other agents out there, watching you, Audrina, and every member of Tyler’s church.” What the Hell? That was all I needed! I didn’t need him to follow me to Mr. Campbell’s house that night, either. Dear Priestess Tyrnea and Sisters, please help me! I called inwardly. I’d have to use my persuasive powers on Brandt again, but ramping it up. I put my hands on his shoulders and locked my eyes with his. “Listen, Brandt: I need to go alone to visit Audrina’s father. If you follow me, it'll hinder my plan to help her. I can handle this on my own. She trusts me. You need to understand this.” I made sure we were breathing in sync. I could feel his body relax more the longer I kept my hands on his shoulders. I could also tell he was wearing his holster.