Golden Box Book Publishing GBBPub February Magazine - Page 43

She just didn’t want to be in England to marry the Duke’s son on her birthday. The Worthington’s paid the customary visit before announcing the wedding plans. The arrogant groom-to-be looked her over like she was cattle stock. She decided to board Brandon’s ship for the return to Antigua. He said he was shipping out the next morning on high tide. She grabbed some male clothes off the clothesline the workers used near their quarters and took a horse, and rode to the docks. She gave a young lad a few coins and told him where to return the horse and he could sleep there overnight. Leah slipped onto the ship and made her way to the captain’s quarters to hide. A shipmate entered and slept in the upper bunk overnight. She couldn’t show herself until they were under full sail where he’d not turn back to England. She went on the upper deck to get some fresh air and stretch her legs. Brandon saw her and commanded her to swab the deck. She did as she was told and hurriedly headed toward her hiding place. Before she could getaway — another vessel came alongside their ship and swung ropes over with gabbling hooks. They were under siege. She watched as Brandon fought the pirates and the man, she recognized from her aunt’s party took his back and defended him from the other side. When Brandon lowered his sword, another pirate came over-the-top of the side of the ship. The man, named Garett, called out to him and lunged forward to protect him. She squealed. Garett took the pirate’s sword where he’d dropped it and handed it to the naval officer next to him. Brandon recoiled and asked what the pirate knew before they fed him to the fishes. He removed his pirate scarf from his head and eye patch revealing the Duke’s son, Edgar Worthington.