Golden Box Book Publishing GBBPub February Magazine - Page 42

With her vacation ending, Leah was excited that Brandon would return to get her at the end of her vacation. He didn’t arrive as promised. His ship was attacked by pirates as it neared the island. The ship was torched, and he was considered dead. Her uncle arranged her return to England. Leah’s father waited on the dock. Seeing him, she cried in relief and for the loss of Brandon. Behind the scenes, Garett one of the spies for the British government infiltrated the pirates’ gang. He was looking for the ones seizing ships along the trade route hurting the economy. He was getting close to finding the schemer who was connected to royalty. On one of his outings after Brandon’s ship was torched, he found a man floating on a log who when he neared raised his arms. He pulled him on board and took him to Leah’s uncle’s house for he knew he’d be safe there. He carefully went back to the pirates’ den and listened as the drunken gang talked about their adventures. His eavesdropping gave him an idea of who was behind the scavenging of British trade vessels. He’d return to England and let his superiors know who was behind the pirating. Brandon recovered with Leah’s aunt’s help and her uncle contacted his father who sent a vessel to retrieve him. After returning home and enjoying a welcoming dinner specially prepared by his mother in his honor, Brandon and his father were to meet at Leah’s father’s house to go over the details about their finding and those of the British spy’s. They knew the hoax was supplied by someone with royal connections, possibly of royal status themselves. They devised a plan and would use Brandon’s new ship along with the royal navy to catch the thieves on the high seas. Leah didn’t know their plan.