Golden Box Book Publishing GBBPub February Magazine - Page 41

While underway, Leah’s schooner was attacked by pirates. The captain was dead. To hide her identity, she changed into shipmate’s garments she’d found in an old trunk in the captain’s quarters. She hid in the cargo hold of the ship until things became quiet. She crawled up the sides of the ship and sneaked to the galley where Ivan the cook was making stew for remnants of the pirate gang. They devised a plan for her to look around and see how many were on board for her to sneak and change the ship’s port of call. He’d shout out with a bird call when he saw someone coming. When the ship lodged against a sandbar from Leah’s adjusting the ship’s navigation, the pirates left the ship taking the cook with them. Later, Leah was awakened by the rocking motion of the schooner. The ship had dislodged from the sandbar and was riding the waves. She quickly remembered what Brandon had taught her and began directing the ship toward Antigua. She could barely make out the shoreline with the Captain’s spyglasses. As she grew closer the ship hit an underwater reef and slowly began to sink. She said a quick prayer and dove overboard to swim to shore. Brandon’s family ship had already arrived. He had spotted her ship coming into the harbor and knew a seasoned sea captain wasn’t in charge. Onshore, he walked in the direction of the swimmer and was surprised when Leah came floating to the surface. They watched from the shore as the ship sunk. Then he walked with her to her aunt’s house and stayed overnight for a party they’d planned in her honor. Her uncle sent word to her father about what had happened aboard his ship and that Leah was safe. Leah met with her old friends from previous visits to the island. And at one of her aunt’s house party’s she saw one of the pirates from the ship and wondered about his connection to the family.