Golden Box Book Publishing GBBPub February Magazine - Page 40

Cross Ties Historical romance A page-turning tale filled with adventure, suspense, and romance that crosses the chasm of family customs and societal rules… Leah was a rebel. She contradicted her father’s wishes for an arranged marriage and societal rules governing the behavior of a young woman coming of age. In seeking freedom, chaos followed as she sought true love and living happy-ever-after her way. EXCERPT Leah’s father was her only next of kin since her mother’s death when she was a small child. She barely knew the Earl of Southwood for the burly matter-of-fact man never had any time to discuss her life or impending marriage to the Duke of Huntington’s son, Edgar Worthington. She had another in mind, Brandon, her true love who’d make a grand arranged marriage. Leah wanted away from England and knew the perfect escape, her aunt Leona’s in Antigua, if he would only agree. The subject was off- limits according to her father. They argued about her traveling to Antigua alone. He finally gave in and said he’d talk with the Captain of one of his ships who transported sugar cane from the island. She knew Brandon and his father would likely dock in Antigua, and she was even more excited to be going when hearing the news.