Golden Box Book Publishing GBBPub February Magazine - Page 39

“Ok, Miss Eva, but your phone doesn’t work.” She smiled. “Yes, yes, I know. It hasn’t worked in months.” He gave her a startled look. “But you said I could use it!” “Well, I couldn’t leave you out there on that dark road with the spirits walking, now could I?” Her brown eyes twinkled. “Come have your tea. I have a spare room you can use tonight and come morning we’ll get Mr. Jenkins, the newspaperman, to carry you into town. Won’t that be nice?” “But, ma’am…” He amended that to Miss Eva, when she gave him a glare. “I need to get my car fixed. I need to get to my meeting.” “What do you do, to be in such a rush to get to an old meeting?” “I’m an architect. There’s a developer up in town that’s going to build a subdivision on the outskirts. I’ve drawn up several floor plans for him. I’m pretty excited about them, they’re nice and open with lots of space.” “Oh, yes, those plans have everyone is talking. Some folk aren’t too happy with it `round here. I reckon as how the town has to grow though. It’s nice that you can do that for folks. But sometimes,” she told him sternly with a tilt of her head, “the Lord has other plans for us. That road is dangerous tonight. He sent you here, to me, where you’re safe. Yes, the Lord works in mysterious ways, He does.” She chuckled and nodded. Lucas sighed and dug his fork into the moist cake. After one bite, he could only grin. “Miss Eva, this is the best carrot cake I ever tasted!” He felt his mood change for the better and decided it must be the sugar. She leaned toward him. “It’s my grandmother’s secret recipe,” She whispered. “You enjoy it now, Harrison always did.”