Golden Box Book Publishing GBBPub February Magazine - Page 37

“No, sir. I know what sent you here and there will be none of that going on at my home. You just keep trudging on up that road!” He tried again. “Nothing sent me here, ma’am. My car broke down…” “I heard no car.” “If you could just let me use your phone, ma’am, I’d be on my way. I’d truly appreciate it.” “I suppose you would, the devil cannot enter uninvited.” “Ma’am, I only need help with my car. I’m on my way to a very important business meeting.” He swung his briefcase. “See, all my work’s in here.” The elderly woman scowled at him. “Do you see that moon up there?” He peered up into the dark sky. “No ma’am, I don’t see a moon.” “That’s right. The moon is the eye of God, and the devil’s gone and covered it up. Spirits are running over the tops of the trees. Can’t you hear them?” She folded her arms across her Bible, gripping it tight to her chest like a shield. Lucas glanced back at the desolate road wondering how far he’d have to walk to locate another house. He couldn’t recall seeing another one nearby. Looking back up at the old woman on the porch, he decided he’d better play along. “It is pretty spooky out here. I’d sure like to get into the light and call someone to come help me.” “Oh, Lord,” the lady muttered, “protect me now.” Slapping the pages of the book together and stroking the pebbly black cover, she stared at him with narrowed eyes. Then her frown firmed into a straight line as if she’d come to a hard decision. “All right, come on up here then. You know I’m holding onto the Lord’s Word here. The moon may be hidden, but He is here with me all the same. You look like a