Golden Box Book Publishing GBBPub February Magazine - Page 36

When Shadows Dance Fantasy romance If you love things that go bump in the night, this gripping paranormal tale of unrequited love and ghostly possession will be right up your alley. Ms Eva has awaited her true love’s return from the war for too many years to count. Her wedding gown still hangs in her closet and she still plays their haunting music and pretends to dance in his arms. When Lucas’ car breaks down on the darkest night of the year – the night when spirits dance with free rein – Who knows what might happen! EXCERPT His step faltered as he realized the insects had stopped their singing, as if the night were holding its breath to see what might happen next. An elderly lady arose and moved to stand at the top of the steps at his approach. She wore a shawl around her shoulders and clutched something close to her chest. The rocking chair she’d abandoned creaked as she stepped away from it. She peered up at the sky as he approached and tugged her shawl closer to her throat. Then she opened the book she held, her shaking fingers running over the page. He could now see it appeared to be a Bible. Holding one hand out toward him, she hugged the Bible closer and gave him a grim look. “Now you stop right there, mister.” He held his arms away from his sides, left palm toward her, right hand gripping his briefcase. “I’m sorry to trouble you, ma’am, but…”