Golden Box Book Publishing GBBPub February Magazine - Page 34

EXCERPT Eli napped at around 11 a.m. Later, Eli was filmed for the “Children’s Miracle Network Telethon,” which would be used in promoting children who are receiving critical medical care. Eli’s video would air June 2nd and 3rd. I signed releases for both internal and external EU use. Morning labs were HGB 7.7, platelets 53,000, 0.2 WBC’s, 10 Segs, and no Bands so Eli’s ANC was 20. This was so much better than the zero of yesterday. Overall, it was a good day in the hospital. After Dr. Landon left, I watched Eli fall asleep. My poor boy was suffering so much. It hurt me that there was nothing more that I could do about it. I called Matt and told him about the day’s events and my worries about Eli. We had a long conversation and before I fell asleep, close to midnight, I thanked God that there was Matt to somehow ease away some of the pain inside. Things are getting serious between us, our relationship that started as good friends has fast approached a love I never knew with my soon to be ex, Henry. “ Mother’s Day – May 1990 I heard Eli vomiting at midnight. I cleaned everything up and he fell back to sleep. Matt phoned at around 1:00 a.m. and we talked for an hour. Then he greeted me with words I wasn’t expecting to hear from him “Happy Mother’s Day.” All of a sudden, I missed him. I clutched the cradle of the phone tightly as I listened to Matt’s soothing voice. Matt is a soothing balm for my boys and me. I thank God he is in our lives.