Golden Box Book Publishing GBBPub February Magazine - Page 32

visits, but a day arrived when Mr. Whelk’s deepening depression and poor physical health became too obvious. He neglected household chores and some days he didn’t even get out of bed. He lost interest in everything and stopped talking. He sat staring out the window, humming to himself, and rarely ate the food Elana and Luca cooked for him. The social worker had to make a tough decision. Due to his deteriorating health, Mr. Whelk was placed in a nursing home and they returned Elana and Luca back to the state. They had no choice in the matter. “A dark cloud is following me, all my life,” Elana cried, supported by Luca’s shoulder when they were forced to say a quick goodbye to each other. “I’ve been thrown from one place to the next and when finally, my life seems stable and happy, the cloud is above me, again. What will happen to us, Luca? If they separate us, will you find me?” “I will! I promise,” Luca sobbed. With all the stability ripped out of her life once again, Elana was cast back out into the world with nowhere to call home. No more family, no more structure. But, worst of all, she lost Luca. They were separated and sent to different foster homes.