Golden Box Book Publishing GBBPub February Magazine - Page 27

long before the laughter was back in her brown eyes. Nothing could keep her sad long! Charles wondered how she would react to the news he was about to tell her – the news that in a month he’d be getting married again. It wasn’t that Ella was a problem, she wasn’t. She was the sweetest, most obedient and good-natured child he’d ever encountered. But she was getting older and was nearing the age where she would have to learn certain things that would be important in her adult life, things that only a woman could teach her. And, besides, at least now she would have two playmates. The woman he was going to marry had two young daughters just one and two years older than Ella. Marguerita, the elder, was eleven and her younger sister Ophelia was ten. He had seen them once and to him they appeared a bit awkward, but in a few years they’d most likely blossom into elegant, proper ladies with the right training.