Golden Box Book Publishing GBBPub February Magazine - Page 26

“For our baby,” she said with a smile. “Granny says it’s due in May, either the first or second week.” “Is she sure?” he asked, for lack of something else to say. Marie nodded. True to her Granny’s word, on the eighth of May the following year, a girl was born to the proud parents. On the day of her christening, all the guests commented on how sweet and tender the child was, with such a pleasant disposition. She was baptized Ella Marie Elizabeth, but everyone called her Ella. As Ella grew and the years passed, these early compliments held true. By the time she turned five she was her parents’ pride and joy, but she wasn’t spoiled. Shortly after her child’s birthday, Marie fell sick. The physician said it had something to do with her lungs. He gave her all sorts of medicines and potions to take, but nothing worked. By September she was so weak she couldn’t lift her head without an effort. When summer turned to fall, the Minister came and gave her the last rites. That night she’d sent for Ella and held her in her arms for the last time. “Always remember, my love, that if you need me I’ll be there. I’ll always help you.” she told her, but it was barely a whisper. The next morning the physician came again but it was too late. Marie had died in her sleep a week before her twenty-second birthday, but there was a smile on her lips when Charles found her as if she’d been having a pleasant dream. She was buried a week later behind the house, in the yard she and Ella had played in together and where they’d grown up. But all that had happened four years ago. Ella was nine now and growing more and more beautiful every day. She amazed him! Even during the saddest of times she had the sunniest disposition of anyone he’d ever known. Marie’s death had taken a toll on him, yet Ella took it all in stride. Of course she’d cried when her mother died, but it wasn’t