Golden Box Book Publishing GBBPub February Magazine - Page 25

The next time he’d seen her was in December of that same year. It was just before Christmas and she was skating across the ice of the lake. The same lake in the same park, he realized now. If his memory served him correctly, he’d skated over to her then and, without a word spoken by either of them, became her partner. They were together the rest of that day. That evening she introduced him to her parents and soon after they announced their engagement. In April of the following year they were married in Notre Dame Cathedral and went to Rome for their honeymoon, where they stayed until July. The next two months at the chateau in Orynx – the tiny kingdom where Charles had been born and where they would always live – were joyous for them. They spent every moment together. In September, Marie celebrated her sixteenth birthday and what a party he’d given her! The whole village had been invited! The ten year difference in their ages went over well with the local minister, who had come at Charles’s insistence, and everyone thought they made a perfect couple. A few weeks later he was called to London on urgent business. He was gone until the day before Christmas Eve. When he arrived home, he wrapped his bride in his arms and apologized for staying away so long. She smiled at him and he noticed there was a special glow in her eyes as she said – “Don’t worry, my love, I know you’ll always come back.” Two days later, while she unwrapped the numerous presents he’d given her, she handed him a small package wrapped in blue tissue with a pink ribbon. “Open it,” she coaxed. He obeyed but said the name of the object aloud in a puzzled tone. “It’s a silver spoon.”