Golden Box Book Publishing GBBPub February Magazine - Page 23

fridge. Then he got out the eggs. He figured Lexa would be hungry again and cracked a half a dozen in a bowl for scrambled eggs. Hands slipped around Hunter’s chest feeling his muscles as he whipped the eggs. He could tell it was Lexa by the size and scent. She stood on her tiptoes and took a long deep breath. “I wonder if you taste as good as you smell?” Hunter turned to face her and found a set of golden eyes instead of Lexa’s brown. The wolf was in control. She pulled him close and pressed her lips to his. The wolf offered her tongue and Hunter should have pushed her away, but he was finding it hard to resist. He accepted, and she explored the recesses of his mouth. Her hands found their way into his shirt skimming over the muscles in his chest then his back. She was too short to kiss her properly, so Hunter lifted her to sit on the counter. She hooked her legs behind his back drawing him closer. The wolf put her hands into his waistband and grabbed his bare ass then slid forward. Hunter broke it off. It wasn’t fair to Lexa to do anything without her present or at least aware of what was going on. The wolf studied Hunter as she chewed on her bottom lip. It was sexy as hell, and somehow she knew it was driving him crazy. “Give Lexa back. She doesn’t know you, and this isn’t fair to her.” “She forgot me.” The wolf told him hurt. “We were together for over 15 years before the witch took us. We spent another ten in her cage, and she forgets me because it’s easier. Because she’s scared.” The wolf growled. “It won’t happen again. You’re both safe, and she will remember you. I promise.” Hunter wrapped her in his arms. “Do you promise dragon?” She asked cuddling into his chest. “We promise,” Hunter assured her. Lexa’s body went limp in his arms a moment before she pushed against his chest. He let her go.