Golden Box Book Publishing February Issue - Page 5

The first part of the contest is over

We decided to make this award contest somewhat unorthodox.

Book marketing and promotion became a huge business the past few years and not every author is successful enough to afford the high entry fees (which are getting higher and higher) to award contests.

We made the submission free to the first part of the contest to give a chance to every author who cannot afford the entry fee to other award contests and to provide the authors with free promotion and exposure to potential readers.

The second part of the contest is open

The second part of the contest is open to everyone, including the semifinalist winners.

The judges will start reading the submitted books in the order as the books are submitted.

The judges will rate the books they read on the scale of 1-10 and submit the results to the site owner.

​The books that receive the highest rating in every genre will be announced April 10th as FINALISTS

The books will be posted on the contest page and the voting poll set up.

​Readers will vote for the READERS' FAVORITE award between April 15 to April 30

The third part of the contest

The judges will review, and if they wish read again, the books that receive the highest number of votes from readers.

The judges will vote for the 3 Judges' Choice winners based on their own rating and consider the readers' favorites.

The THREE JUDGES' CHOICE WINNERS and the THREE READERS' FAVORITE award winners will be announced May 28, 2017

and the winners will be promoted in our special issue magazine and on our website.