Golden Box Book Publishing February Issue - Page 15

Editorial review by Joseph P. Bonadonna

"Full disclosure: I edited this book, and loved doing it, too. First, I hope to write a children's book some day, and wanted to see "how it's done." Erika Szabo knows how to do it very well. Shas so many great books for kids, and this one is a very sweet and funny story children from 2 to 6 will enjoy -- some will be able to relate to, as well. In fact, I think most kids and most adults will relate to this charming little tale, because we've all known annoying little sisters, brothers, cousins, and friends. The theme is universal, which is a great part of its magic. It's a perfect book for kids who have just learned to read, and for those who love to have Mom or Dad read them a bedtime story. Erika has a gift for telling stories such as this, and writing for children is no easy task, believe me. The cover is perfect, the colors lush and vibrant -- just what kids like. And the interior illustrations are quite lovely, too! I highly recommend this to all adults who have children in their lives. You'll score a lot of points with them!"