Golden Box Book Publishing Author Erika M Szabo - Page 7

Storybook for children 4-12 Amazon EBOOK: Amazon PRINT: B&N: Online stores EBOOK: 8Z Signed print: Terry is sad because she can’t find her precious music box that was a gift from her Grandmother. With the help of her dog, Pansy, and the wise hedgehog, Oliver, they cross the portal to the magical world and Pansy leads them to Wolfgang’s cave. Terry finds out why she has the ability to talk to animals and why the good witch enchanted her music box so long ago. ”This children's book is about the importance of friendship, acceptance, and family. Children always daydream about imaginary worlds. When they reach adulthood, most of them stop daydreaming. They lose the magic of imagination and the happy dreamers they used to be cease to exist.“ ~Erika M Szabo