Golden Box Book Publishing A Basketful of Kittens - Page 8

Bianca’s blood boiled with anger, and she lashed out at Mark. “Yes, we know that, Mark. You told us many times, but your dad knows that Peanut wouldn’t hurt anyone.” “He’s just a big, dumb dog that should be locked up. Who gave him that stupid name, anyway?” Mark cackled. “Leave us alone, Mark,” Daniel shouted angrily. “Or what?” Mark pointed his round chin forward but cowered back when he heard Peanut’s bark that sounded like thunder. The huge dog took a step toward him. “Peanut! No!” Bianca yelled. The giant dog stopped and looked back at Bianca with a twinkle in his eyes, and then he looked at Mark again. A low, threatening rumble escaped the dog’s throat as he opened his mouth showing his sharp teeth. Mark’s usual arrogant expression changed. He looked frightened and flattened his body against the fence. The three boys slowly inched their way farther away from Mark who held onto the fence and didn’t move. When Peanut saw how scared the boy was, he held his head high with a satisfied look on his face and turned his back on Mark. He kicked a few times with his hind legs toward Mark, showering him with dust and small gravel. 8