Golden Box Book Publishing A Basketful of Kittens - Page 5

“Yes, he is strong and a big bully,” Bianca huffed. “When the three of them beat up poor Billy in the bathroom, Mark laughed and made fun of Billy because he cried. And Mark’s dad didn’t even make him apologize to Billy when Mark was suspended and his dad went to pick him up.” “Luckily, Peter ran to the principal’s office and got help when the others cornered Billy in the bathroom. If I ever did something like that I would be grounded until I’m thirty.” “Yeah, me too,” Bianca said angrily and then continued, “I don’t know the other boys, but Peter is a nice kid, and he’s smart, too. Why is he hanging out with Mark?” “He’s scared of him, and it seems like he looks up to him, too,” Daniel said with a sigh. “He said that his father told him to make friends with the strongest kids because he is so small. He got his wish because Mark is the strongest kid. I like Peter, but if the others want to hang out with Mark, it’s their business.” “Yes it is, but we should…” Bianca started protesting when Peanut’s soft growl interrupted her, and then they heard Mark’s mocking voice behind them. “Oh, look! The BFFs are going for a swim with their stupid mutt!” Mark yelled. Bianca looked back and saw Mark standing by the fence, surrounded by three smaller boys. 5