Golden Box Book Publishing A Basketful of Kittens - Page 4

too far from shore. The dog always stayed on the riverbank, keeping a watchful eye on the children. “I’m glad school is over,” Bianca said to Daniel as they walked on the sidewalk toward the river with towels on their shoulders. Peanut, as usual, walked with them staying close to Bianca. “Me too,” Daniel said to his best friend with a sigh. “We don’t have to study or do homework for the entire summer, and I don’t have to deal with Mark. He said he will spend the summer vacation at his grandma’s house. Luckily it is far away in another town.” “It makes me so angry that he’s getting away with hurting other kids, and he’s been picking on you for the past few weeks.” “My ears were ringing for days because I hit my head on the desk,” Daniel said. “And the teacher didn’t believe me when I told him that Mark pushed me, so I didn’t tell my parents. It’s best to stay out of Mark’s way. He is very strong.” “I don’t understand why those boys hang out with that big bully,” Bianca growled under her breath, feeling frustrated. “He gets them in trouble all the time.” “Mark told Peter that because he is strong and wild as a wolf and nobody can mess with him and his boys, he named his group the Wolf Pack. But I think he got the name from a movie. I guess the boys feel safe with Mark because he’s strong,” Daniel sighed. 4