Golden Box Book Publishing A Basketful of Kittens - Page 11

Scott shook his head angrily, looked away and mumbled under his breath, “She’s very smart and she’s nice, too.” “Who cares?” Mark growled. A disgusted look mixed with fear spread on Aiden’s face as he glanced at Mark and then shot a small, apologetic smile at Daniel and Bianca. Mark started walking away and two boys followed him, scared, with guilty looks on their faces. Mark looked back, and when he saw Peter still standing by the fence he yelled, “Are you coming, or what?” Peter said with a shaky little voice, “I don’t want to.” And then he whispered under his breath, “You’re not the boss of me…Poops.” “What did you say? I couldn’t hear you!” Mark snarled and took a step toward Peter. 11