FINANCE Becky’s Story️ “I definitely do not regret purchasing my Mac, since I’m studying Media at Uni and I really needed it to do my assignments. It was something I absolutely needed and valued, even though I was left broke until my next loan. But thats what our loans are for, right? To buy the things we absolutely need! I had to get living support from my parents, but they knew it was the best investment for me too" MONEY Heather’s Story “It’s so cliche — my student loan was stupidly spent on nights out and Ubers back to the flat. I really could’ve used the money more wisely. Now, I look back and think that I could’ve used it to travel over the summer after handing in my last assignments. I would’ve liked to go to Thailand after graduation before getting a full time job in the fall.” CONFESSIONS “There’s quite a lot of things I regret spending my loan on. I would say I do and don’t regret spending all my loan on holidays abroad. A few trips here and there to Disneyland Paris for the weekend, or my most expensive was a trip to Crete that I took my boyfriend for his 21st. I never got to travel abroad before University, as my sister is disabled and we never went on family holidays. My student loan has been useful to get me out of the UK, but now I have a £1000 bank overdraft that I need to pay off with a part-time job.” Emily’s Story 6