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KRISTIANNA'S TOP BUSINESS TIPS 1 . Work hard – and be consistent. " I had to work a lot harder to prove my point. " 2 . Structure is major in having a successful career – always plan ahead and never take things as they come. 3 . Always say yes, remember whatever your employer asks, always say yes. They will remember that you are devoted and will do what it takes – that’s how I earned the position I have in my company. " 4 . Take time for yourself as well. For me, I struggled a lot to take time to enjoy some spare time, which in the end made me lose my focus. Sgain having structure will help you to have time for fun, as well as business. I’ve learnt a lot and especially adapting to different groups in a professional context, meeting new people and building connections has been my main goal this past year. 5 . Stay positive. Mental health is a very important point in managing a busy everyday life – especially as a new employee everything will seem very overwhelming – I started to do yoga twice a week to keep my focus and log off. " 6 . Ask for feedback. Listen to it and use it to your own advantage – you will continue to grown and learn. " My biggest advice for all you females is not backing down. " 18