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CAREER LESSONS FROM THE DRESSING ROOM When it comes to our careers, we all face setbacks. The reality is that our career paths are never as plain-sailing as we imagine. But fear not because difficulties that we experience at work are key to our development and growth. Durham WFC captain Sarah Wilson, Sheffield United WFC player Maddy Cusack and Reading FCW player Gemma Davison have all faced a great deal of mistakes and setbacks during their careers, but that’s only helped them become the successful women they are today. By Chelsea Harper S Sarah Wilson it g o n i t n t h e sid e -l in es Getting turned down for a promotion or any job opportunity for that matter, is never a great feeling, especially if you’ve been dreaming about it for some time. And not being selected for the team can be just as disappointing. “I can remember being left out of a squad and having to warm up the goal keepers,” Wilson admits. “At the time I was absolutely gutted, I cried all the way home from the away game! “I can remember being so angry and frustrated,” she recalls. “But it made me want to know why and made me want to know how I could do things better. That was the first time I plucked up the courage to speak to a manager about what I could do to develop.” So, the next time you’re told that you didn’t make that promotion, take a moment to reflect, have a good sulk and then ask ‘why’. Requesting feedback from our employers is never a bad thing, yet it’s something we all need to work on. If there’s one thing we can take from these successful women, it would be that setbacks are indeed a good thing. They can help us improve, give us motivation and remind us that at the end of the day, we’re all human. Even the best of us make mistakes, but it’s what we do with these mistakes that determines our success . 15