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CAREER In 2015, just one year into her TBA wasn't a humungous priority,” she studies, Rosa had started her own blog, explains. “Most hurdles, if any, never which was a hobby that had its perks. really phased me too much as I had the “To be honest, the blog was a bit ‘well, if I fail at least I’ll have a degree to shit but very few people were doing it at fall back on’ attitude.” the time, and free products were nice,” When it comes to starting your own says Rosa. “The second I started to take business, or any career in fact, making sure off, I realised how much I hated being you have connections is always a must centre of attention.” have. Networking, interning and working Having soon come to the realisation your way up is how most connections are that being in the public eye wasn't for made. For Rosa, she had worked as an her, Rosa noticed a gap in the market intern and PA for a total of three years, that not many people were catering to all of which were unpaid, to get the at the time. “I thought I’d work much connections she has today. better behind the scenes,” says Rosa. “I “Creating connections wasn’t too noticed a gap in the market and knew hard,” says Rosa. “I did my fair share of exactly what I wanted to do.” unpaid internships, where I had to l liaise Following her gut with a number of brands instinct, Rosa decided and press. So, because to take it into her own of that, I already had a hands to fill this gap. handful of contacts to I noticed a gap And so, she created kick start the process.” The Blogger Agent. As Fast forward four years, in the market stated on their website, and TBA has worked and knew “The Blogger Agent with over 90 renowned exactly what I Ltd is both a creator brands, including Nike, agency, and leading Apple Music, Charlotte wanted to do. digital marketing Tilbury, Selfridges and agency developing many more, and now careers for some of the has offices in London fastest growing social and New York. influencers across all media platforms as For 24-year-old Claudia Rosa, well as providing innovative services for things could not be further from the brands through working with our array of careers English graduates are expected renowned influencers.” to go into. “I don't think I’ll ever run out of While still attending university and ‘pinch me’ moments when a renowned now running a business on the side, brand decides to work with us and our Rosa left her PA job and explains how creators,” says Rosa. “How it feels to work she went into The Blogger Agent “with with the talent is a little different to the very few expectations”. However, to her brands. These people have become our surprise, she tells me that, “Within the first friends.” five days of launching, a major retailer When asked what advice she branched out to do a campaign.” The would give to someone who hopes to be Blogger Agents first ever client was Lipsy as successful as herself, Rosas response London, who had reached out for them makes it clear to see that despite the to a campaign with Michelle Keegan. success, she still struggles to realise the Despite being approached by a extent of her success. major retailer within a week of creating “I don't know if I’d even call myself her brand, Rosa was still working towards successful,” laughs Rosa. “Ask me again getting her degree. “The first two years in a few years, I’ve still got shit to learn.” of business I was still at university. So, “ ” 14