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CAREER PLAN YOUR CAREER with Gill Harvey T I M E L I N E Avoid thinking it’s too late for applying for any type of job and leaving it for later. If you start preparing now you can only be too early for the next year MAY/ JUN B efore you jump into the big world of job market, application processes etc. make sure to investigate ‘after graduation support services’ with the Careers Service at your university. Keep polishing your CV. Now that exams are coming to an end, it’s time to blow off the dust from your ‘Curriculum Vitae’ file. Check graduate vacancies websites such as Milkround, TheGuardianJobs and Prospects offering most trusted job opportunities. And for those thinking of doing a master’s degree, attend summer fairs like London Uni Fair, which is one of the biggest out there in London, especially calling for international students. This year’s date is 18th May, so make sure to note it down. JUL/ AUG T hose who were late in making up their minds, there are still late vacancies for late validated Masters programmes. Prepare yourself to take the plunge in the recruitment area. Sharpen applications and do proper research. Relax. But do not fall into a coma, the world carries on and you might miss opportunities. If you’re still struggling with the idea of what could you do after your degree, read the options sheet for the subject you’ve completed. (You can also find it in the careers tab on your University’s course page). If you’re still in your summer/ part-time job, Gill reminds: ‘never start looking for the right career as late as August. London empties during that time.’ 11 By Caroline Stanislawczyk SEP/ OCT A re part-time jobs still one of your latest work experiences? Don’t panic. Posts for Teaching, Social Work and NHS Management Scheme are open these months. There are also advertising agency traineeships through IPA (The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising), which have first closing dates. Visit a careers adviser or attend a careers session to firm up your ideas and check whether your application technique is okay.