Gold Crwn Magazine ISSUE 28 // ALEX G - Page 45

Born in the small town of Fort St. James BC, Canada into a hockey family. His father is a professional hockey coach for the Phoenix coyotes.

How was it growing up with your dad being a big NHL coach?

I loved spending so much time around hockey rinks. My dad took my brothers and I to skate as often as he could. We had to move quite a few times as kids while he was moving up from minor leagues into the NHL, so our family got to see a lot of North America. I have lived in Dayton Ohio, Kalamazoo Michigan, Saint John New Brunswick, Calgary Alberta, Abbotsford BC, Penticton BC, Phoenix Arizona... the list goes on! We met amazing people and grew up in a very athletic house. I loved it.

What did you learn from traveling ?

I learnt that people are more alike then different. I learned that you can make friends anywhere in the world with a positive mental attitude and a genuine smile. I learned that people are amazing and culture is a dish best shared with company! Also, I learned not to eat undercooked Thai street taco stands... especially chicken tacos!

Was hockey your first love before acting?

I dreamt about playing in the NHL before I dreamt about acting. That being said, my passion for acting has always been there. I used to love auditioning for Elementary and High school plays. I think that is where I caught the acting bug!

Dylan left hockey to pursue a career in film at the age of 19 after playing Jr. A Hockey in the BCHL.

I had a season filled with some concussions and career setbacks. I was 19 and I knew I wanted to act after hockey. I was a big fan of Friday Night Lights and Taylor Kitsch used to play hockey in the same league I was in at the time. He inspired me to move to Vancouver and then Los Angeles. I have not looked back since!

Dylan will soon be seen in the Disney original movie, "Descendants 2,” which tells the story about the children of some of Disney’s most notorious villains. Dylan plays, 'Gil,' the son of ‘Gaston,' who has inherited some of his father's wickedness and is now part of the pirate gang.

Playing Gil was an incredible experience. The set was more like a summer dance camp than a movie set. We all got along straight away and we've stayed close to this day.

Dylan has studied acting in Vancouver and Los Angeles and is a graduate of Vancouver Acting School.

Why is education important even in the movie industry?

Education is a process that should never end. I do

not want to be friends with the person who

decides they are done learning. That is a part of

what makes life exciting. Learning new skills,

sharpening old ones and expanding your mind

are all essential elements to finding success in

any career. That is what I would say... also do not

eat yellow snow.

What is your advice to new actors?

You will audition for many roles that you will not

book. It is important to understand when you do

not get a role, it is not a failure, it is a learning

opportunity for your next audition. Keep a

positive mindset and be a fan of yourself. It is up

to you to be proactive with your career and people

will appreciate the effort you put in when people

aren't watching. Learn you material, watch good

actors at work and enjoy the process!

"Descendants 2” is set to premiere July 21st.

Dylan Playfair