Gold Crwn Magazine ISSUE 28 // ALEX G - Page 35

Set goals Setting goals is a great way to keep motivated. It keeps you on track with what you’re aiming for and is very satisfying when you reach that set goal. Do it with friends Exercising with friends is an amazing way to keep fit. Your competitive side can come out which can help, due to trying to aim higher than your friend. Also, exercising with a friend can also be a help because when you’re feeling like you want to give up, they can encourage you to keep going. Reward yourself Once you hit a target or goal, reward yourself. Buy that pair of shoes you’ve wanted for a while or that outfit you wanted to get last week, but didn’t. Rewards will help with your motivation because you’ll have in your mind that you want to reach that next goal to be able to reward yourself again. Write down a schedule Having a schedule written down will also help with fitness motivation. This structured and organised rota will allow you to know what you’re doing each day you work out to make sure you stay on track. Take pictures of your progress Taking pictures of your progress I an excellent way to keep on exercising. Seeing the progress you’ve made in pictures will give you a sense of accomplishment and will make all the sweat and tears worth it. Looking at pictures of other people helps me too as it motivates me to want to reach that goal. Beauty By Becca xoxo @rebeccafenemore