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As some of you will know, the last week was Mental Health Awareness Week, something which I think is incredible because it is raising awareness of such an amazing cause. So, I wanted to start off my feature this month by saying PLEASE, please, continue all the amazing support for Mental Health after this week, and continue to raise awareness of such a crucial topic in a modern society. Also, be there for your friends, family, strangers - be there for everyone. A few kind words can go a long way, and with that thought in mind, it brings me to today’s article.

I know just how far a few kind actions can go, and that’s why I have compiled a list of small gestures you can do to help improve someones day drastically. So why not go and complete just one of these small gestures today, and improvesomeone's day positively! Remember, like normal, if you do any of these gestures I’d love to know! Send me a private message or tweet to @gabbyfabrizio and let’s chat!

Small Gestures to do to impact someones day positively

Hold the door open for someone - we are all guilty of it, just walking through a door and being oblivious to those around us. Try holding the door open for someone and watch the gratitude spread across their face!

Give a compliment - Do you like that girls handbag in front of you? Or really love that boy’s hoody sat on the train? Tell them. We get scared to talk to people, but you’re being positive about them, what’s not to love?!

Manners - Manners, manners, manners! Always remember to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to a person, and if you have to get past someone, a quick ‘sorry’ will make the situation 10x happier for everyone.

Spread the love - tell someone just how much you love them. Not spoken to your aunty in a while? Ring her up and tell her just how much you love her!

Help the less fortunate - it’s quite sad really that we don’t have to go far to see people less fortunate than us, but you can help them. If you see a homeless person sat outside a shop, go inside and buy them a meal deal!

Smile at people - such a simple one, but a little smile to someone really does go a long way. Especially if it is at the older generation, who sometimes feel a little bit uncomfortable around the ‘youth’.

Give up your seat - sat on a crowded tube? bus? train? Can you see someone who deserves the seat more than you? Give up your seat for a person and I can’t stress how much that will make their day so much better.

Give a tip - If you go out for a meal, remember those people who are serving you! They’ve probably been in there for hours already waiting on people, give them a little bit of a tip just to make their day brighter.

Surprise Notes - Leave notes for your family and friends around their house, workplace, bags etc just to show them how much you love them.

Do you have any small gestures that you have done for someone? Please let us know, we’d love to hear how you’ve been helping people!

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I thought for my feature this month that I’d do something a little bit different than normal, I thought I’d strip it all down, not focus on anything in particular and simply just have a chat with and to you guys.

We are now in July 2017, 7 months into the year, and 2017 has been filled with a lot of horrific events. A lot of events that for some of us, will leave terrible mental and physical damage for many years to come. A lot of events that shook the world. A lot of events that impacted society. But while the world has really been testing us only 7 months into 2017, the horrific events have seen a beautiful response from society. Something which local communities should be proud of. Events filled with terror with the intention of destroying us, destroying our moral, destroying our community spirit, only saw a positive and admirable response from society.

It really is times of trouble when you see just how amazing the human race is. In a time of regular terror attacks that leave grievance and loss everywhere, the human race responds with nothing short of medal worthy responses. You have the emergency services all over the world, these men and women, these fathers and mothers, these brothers and sister, these humans, sacrifice their fears, put them to the back of their minds and risk their lives in order to save others. They are people who deserved to be treasured, because their jobs take guts. Not only guts, but they take pure bravery. To enter yourself into a situation when you know you may not return with the intention of helping others, is really something that should be inspiring everyone in society. Our lives are trusted in the hands of doctors, people who have medically trained for most of their lives, but imagine the pressure they are put under every time they enter into a situation where they know that if they don’t do one small thing right, they could loose their patient. Just take a moment to imagine that immense pressure. Keeping cool, remembering their education, and performing immaculately is what they, thankfully, do. And again, that is something which should be praised. Emergency services and the health care workers, do not get enough recognition. They don’t get praised or acknowledged as much as they should do. After times of trouble, some of them work 30 hour shifts to help society, to save lives, to perform a service to their country. And they deserve recognition. It doesn’t take a lot to simply acknowledge someone. Take a moment, have you ever seen a member of the emergency services walking down your local street, your local shopping mall, or just out and about in general? The next time you do, how about you go up and show a little bit of gratitude to them. Go up and simply just thank them. A simple, “Hello, thank you for everything you are doing” will go so far with a member of the emergency service. I know someone who has been a first response at one of the recent terror attacks, and he said that saving lives is a feeling that is indescribable, it is one of the most rewarding jobs. He then went on to say, that he experienced a different feeling of reward recently, when people started to thank him. He isn’t in it for the recognition, he isn’t in it for the thanks, but he said that when just one person came up to him and thanked him and gave him a hug, his entire year was made. So, let’s do the RIGHT thing, show appreciation for our emergency services.

There is undoubtedly a lot of hatred in our beautiful world, but something positive which I really want to talk about right now is the recent increase in recognition for Mental Health. This is something which I am so so so so so passionate about, and I fully believe that we are the generation to change the common perceptions and stigma surrounding Mental Health. I have seen so many brave people recently opening up about their experiences with Mental Health to either get help or to share their story with out people, and I honestly think that is something which takes so much strength and is so important. All of us sharing our stories and sharing our experiences gives the world more understanding, more insight, and then the world can be more accepting of Mental Health. To everyone who suffers with Mental Health, keep going. I’m here for you, my dms are ALWAYS open (@gabbyfabrizio) and I am always willing to speak to someone for 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days - whatever that person needs, whatever support that person needs, I am there. And, the world is here for you too, when you are ready to open up, don’t be scared, let’s make the change we want in the world.

I suppose what I’m really trying to say with all of this is, be a good person. Pick Good. Be the good in the world.