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C hicago was not on our travel list but when we received an email from our new friends, Laurie and Mark McShane from Minnesota and Kathy and Tim Grannan from Ohio (folks we had befriended on our Rhine River Cruise this past June), inviting us to join them for a weekend in the windy city, we said “Sure!” Although we have no connection to Chicago, we thought it would be a good opportunity to cultivate our new friendships, be tourists, and just have fun. And fun is what we had. In all, we spent four nights and three full days in the windy city. We had one day of beautiful warm weather, one of heavy rain and one with the infamous, and notably really cold, Chicago wind. But, in spite of the weather, we had a wonderful time. Chicago really is a great city and one that we hope to visit again! On the first day, before our Minnesota and Ohio friends arrived, we took the Official Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise. Our boat, Chicago’s First Lady, was packed with fellow GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN tourists and ready for the 90-minute tour when we boarded. The cruise offers spectacular views of the hundreds of architectural wonders that make up the Chicago skyline. Captain Jim expertly guided the ship up and down three sections of the Chicago River while the volunteer CAF (Chicago Architectural Foundation) docent, Karen, offered expert commentary, history, information and quips along the way. We understand now why this was named one of “The Top 10 Tours in the US” by TripAdvisor. There was so much to see and learn that the 90 minutes passed much too quickly. Some of the buildings from the river view are spectacular. We got a kick out of the center section of 300 S. Wacker Drive. It is a 400-foot tall map of the Chicago River and close to the top a red box pops out to indicate “You ɔ!ɔtѡȁѕɕѥ݅̀8)Iٕͥݡٕͥ́䁹ɽ܁͔Qͥє)݅́ɕɥѕѡɥٕȁ݅݅䁽ͥ)ɅɽɅ́ѡѡȸUͥͽ) IUId5I )ѽ乍+q ́ѥ)ѕɹѥ)ɕ镐́ѡ)مՅɐ)ɍѕɔ)ͥمѥ)ݡ́)ͭ履͡ݍ͕)ȁɥлt)IՕ)5ȁ (