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After that great appetizer start we ventured into our entrees. Nita ordered off the regular menu with Grilled Wild Jumbo Sea Scallops (Ladera risotto, beurre-blanc, tropical salsa, market vegetables.) The rest of us ordered from the evening specials. Danny tried the Teriyaki Tri-Tip Steak (Black Angus tri- tip marinated in soy sauce, orange and pineapple juices then grilled and drizzled with teriyaki sauce then topped with crispy onion rings served with garlic mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables.) J.Chris went for the Surf & Turf (8oz Wagyu rib-eye & 6oz baked lobster tail with a side of green peppercorn cabernet reduction sauce accompanied by a twice baked potato and sautéed asparagus.) I fell for the Petrale Sole Dore (Egg dipped and sautéed with a lemon butter caper sauce served with wild rice and sautéed vegetables.) All the plates arrived at the same time and were beautifully presented. The Special also had a suggested wine pairing which Danny tried, a 2014 Steven Kent Cab Franc, Ghielmetti Vineyard, Livermore. Danny declared it a great pairing and a delicious meal all around. Nita's scallops were plump and delicious with a əѱ䁉ɔ)ͅՍ( ɥϊd݅́ɥЁ)́ѕѼəѥ)əѱɕɕѕȸ5AхM)ٕ݅́ЁѡɥЁչЁ)ѥݕȁͅՍ)5䁽䁍Ё݅́ѡЁѡѥ)݅́ѽ$ձЁ͠Ё)]ɕѡЁѡٕх)ݕɔəѱɕɕ͕ͽ)ЁѡЁаݔݕɔձͅѥѕѥ)9хɕѡ͕ЁԸ])ɑɕݼ͕ Qՙ( ՍѼݥѠɕͼ)ѕȰٕɕݥѠٽɕ)ɥՔMЁ ї ) 5 ѽݥѠ)ɕمɕQ )Qՙ݅́ѡȁѡ)ѥQ ͵ͼ)Ёѡѕѥ͕ٕɅх́ɽչ)̄9фɕѡЁЁ݅̃qȁ)͵ɕиЁЁхѡɥ)Їt䁑ɕЃqՉ)ͽѕݽəհt)]ɕЁɕЁѥ)ѥѼ܁ͽ܁ɥ̸)͡ЁЁѼЁ1Ʉ)ɥQ䁑ЁɥЄ)1Ʉɥ(ԁ5ѕɕI)5ɝ!ĸ)ܹɅɥ)ɥ])յMM)͕) QՙɥФ)M є )ݥѠY% ɕٔ)%1I=d5=I8!%10M85IQ%8) IUId5I )ѽ乍(