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wedding. She feels it’s essential to share all she’s learned in her marriage with those couples. “Remember it’s leave and cleave, you leave your parents and you cleave to each other. And you have to remember you're a team and nobody else is on your team,” Debbi said. After his time in the military Mike pursued entrepreneurial ventures. “First construction then real estate as a natural progression,” Mike said, adding that he now owns an insurance company with offices in Gilroy and San Jose. Car trips are a favorite activity of the couple and one of their favorite destinations is Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz. “We grab our coffee and go to Seabright Beach. We take our little chairs and we take Snacks (their dog) with us, and we just enjoy each other. We share our food and we’re happy campers,” Debbi said. “We get there as often as we can, it’s one of our little escapes,” Mike said. The main objective in both their lives is spending time together. “If we could be together 24/7, I would, I really would,” Debbi said. Mike says this year’s Valentine’s Day plans are a secret, but every year he tries to impress his wife. His most memorable attempt included flowers and candy followed by Salsa dancing and dinner in San Francisco. “That whole evening was off the hook.” Debbi’s surprise Valentine’s Day gift one year was asking Mike to accompany her on a work trip to Ben Lomond. Upon their arrival, a little cabin was ready and waiting for them complete with Debbi’s homemade lasagna dinner, wine, and roses. “He was just blown away,” Debbi said. Cherish is the word Debbi uses regarding their marriage. For Mike, it all comes back to that smile. “I don’t want to do life without this person, and I never have, since the moment I saw her in the photo.” 88 The Giusiana’s For some it’s love at first sight, for Chris Giusiana, 58, it was, “strong like, because he has a great sense of humor, and I love to laugh.” Her husband, former Gilroy Chief of Police, Gregg Giusiana, 63, was very impressive, dressed in his uniform the first time the couple met. Gregg immediately felt the two had a special connection. “And we enjoyed each other’s company.” Gregg immediately asked her out and Chris eagerly accepted his invitation to a homemade pasta dinner. “I made sure and took down a couple of really good bottles of wine, but I didn’t need them,” she said laughing. The couple dated only a few months before Gregg proposed. They were married on June 14, 1986. “We were camping at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, and we had had a great day,” Chris said. “It just felt right,” added Gregg. Gregg continues to work in law enforcement running basic Police Academies in San Jose. “The joke I always make is that none of my employees carry guns, so it’s a little easier.” Chris has served as CEO for three South Bay Chamber of Commerce; Cupertino, Morgan Hill, and Campbell. Last July she resigned and now works part-time. “I’m living the life I wish to become accustomed to,” Chris said smiling. The couple has three daughters, Rachele, 30, Gennifer, 28, and Gregg’s daughter Ann, 38, from his first marriage. They also have three grandchildren. Family has always been a top prior- ity in their lives. Chris’s diagnosis of stage three-breast cancer in 2013 only intensified that priority. “Since then it’s been a little more important to have family around us. And, of course, we joked through the whole thing. What’s the point of sitting there GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN FEBRUARY/MARCH 2018 miserable? I might as well be laughing,” Chris said adding that Gregg is the BEST caregiver. “I was sad and I was very concerned because I don’t want to live life without her,” Greg said. Chris completed chemo in 2015, just in time to take a family trip to Hawaii, the couple’s favorite destination and the location of their honeymoon. “I told my oncologist I have to be done by May. And she’s like, ‘Well I can’t guarantee that because we don’t know how you’re going to react.’ And 6BWfVb( 6Vv( vr( ХvVB6W2FfVF^( 2FFP6WRF֗G2FW&&VǒR7V62( Ć^( 26&F2F&VvWBFRV FBfVF^( 2F( BFvRFfW'V6( 6&26BRV&&RfVF^( 2FF6RV'2vB&F&V6( FWBƖRFRWvǗvVBvR( Фw&VvrWVB( B6VrvRv@6VB( Ю( FWBfW"6WW2W7FvR@FR6V"F( B&VV&W"FRVW7F2'WBvRVFVBWvrFN( 2v@v2gV( 6&26B( &V6W6R( fW'6WFFfR( ХFW&Fw&VRFR6V7&WBFFV 7V66W76gV'&vR2VvFW"@frgVFvWFW"( ĒFFRf7BFBvRVvBFN( 2&VǒWBvRfRgVvFV6FW"FRFR6F6R&RGvFw2FB&R'FB( w&Vvr6B6&2Gf6W26WW2FW7B( 6WBBWBv( Ю( vFWfW"B2WBBvFN( 2v@vRF( FV"6W7Bv&&V6W6RF2VRFR6WR6VV'&FW0FV"3"BfW'6'vևFF6