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Dining Out with Friends Written By Larry J. Mickartz P lanning a Dining Out with Friends takes some work. First you need to identify a restaurant, match the restaurant up with some friends from the “other” city…a Gilroy restaurant gets Morgan Hill friends, a Morgan Hill restaurant gets Gilroy friends and make a reservation that works for everyone. When we set up our current Dining Out, we discovered that Ninja Sushi does not take reservations. After explaining our situation with the owner, Chris Kong, we were set up. Next, we needed to find some Morgan Hill friends who liked sushi! Sherry and John Hemmingway were the perfect match until John came home from a business trip with the flu the day before our reservation. Sherry’s friend, Connie Murray, graciously stepped in. We arrived at Ninja, and they had a great high top table in the bar for us. The full bar has become something of a sports bar with games on TV and a heavy dose of Sharks’ and Warriors’ memorabilia. We launched into our evening with a small bottle of sake for Sherry, a Sarah’s Chardonnay for Connie, my usual Gin n’ Tonic, and for J.Chris, the exotic Red Dragon Cosmo (Grey Goose, Bauchant Orange Liquor, Fresh Lime and Cranberry). J.Chris described Deep Fried Green Beans Hamachi Kama Steamed Gyoza her Cosmo as “delish.” With a full bar right there, Ninja Sushi offers an exotic list of exceptional cocktails. Back to the sake, Sherry ordered the Sho Chiku Bai Nigori Sake. It is unfiltered, sweet and complex with a smooth finish. In typical Japanese fashion we filled each other’s glasses and toasted to the start of a great dining experience. Guests at Ninja Sushi need to be aware of two things. There are lots of choices from appetizers to regular sushi and rolls to four pages of Ninja Special Rolls, to Sashimi and Sushi Dinners and Bento Boxes, and finally a whole selection of Teriyaki, Tempura Sukiyaki, Shioyaki, Cutlet and Udon diners. The second thing is that the portions are hearty. For appetizers, we tried the Deep Fried Green Beans, the Steamed Gyoza (Steamed Pot Stickers), and Hamachi Kama (Broiled Yellowtail Cheekbones.) The Green Beans were light and not oily. The spicy mayo was a perfect match. The Pot Stickers were light and flavorful, and with the Ponzu sauce, they had a hint of vinegar. They reminded me of the great Pot Stickers we used to get from street vendors in Hong Kong. SSTS Role Ninja Special Bento Box 88 Sushi Nigiri GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN april/may 2019