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Outside, just beyond the pool is a cabana with its antique fireplace and barbeque. A converted garage is currently used as a laundry room and children’s play area. Around the back- yard are well-manicured gardens and several seating areas. For a house built in the ’30s, it is remarkably well maintained. Vicki had the floors refinished and added a roof on the outdoor cabana. The Uptons, redid all the electrical and were responsible for the renovated kitchen. Vicki has grown children and two grandchildren who are frequent visitors to her home. Vicki is currently the Director of Community Engagement for St Joseph’s Family Center. As for her job, she said,“I love it, It’s a feel- good job. Lots of hard work but it is so rewarding…I enjoy waking up and going to work.” After living in San Jose and San Martin for many years, Vicki was not looking for an older home, but when she saw this home, she knew it was the perfect place for her. “I could see my things in it.” Vicki works at keeping the original charm of this unique home. Vicki Martin’s home will be on the 15th Annual GAL’s Home & Garden Tour, May 10-11, 2019. See ad on the adjoining page for information. 84 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN april/may 2019