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A Mother and Son in Service A Mother's Day Tribute Written By Jordan Rosenfeld and Kimberly Ewertz 64 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN Mary Lou and Dave Conragan W hile some parents and children grow apart over the years, Dave Conragan, owner of Community Chiropractic in Morgan Hill, and his mother, Mary Lou Conragan, have only grown closer. Mary Lou said their closeness comes down to love and respect. “You have to love your child, but you don’t have to like him. I really like him and respect him. He’s a pillar of the community and he takes care of me,” she said. Mary Lou admires many things about her son. “He’s very humanistic and intuitive and listens well. He gives of himself and I don’t think he asks for a lot in return.” She also praised how the former competitive weight lifter spends his time coaching others in his former sport at Crossfit of Morgan Hill and Gilroy. “There’s really nothing in it for him, but he cares about people and wants to make sure they do things correctly.” Dave said their relationship has only grown closer since Mary Lou moved to Morgan Hill fifteen years ago to be nearer to her kids and grandkids. They live less than ten miles from one another, which makes it easy to get together. “There’s an easy honesty between us and we can let each other know if there’s any needs or wants we have,” he said. Mother and son especially connect around one crucial value: community service. Mary Lou, who has been retired for nine years from Intel, volunteers at a number of organizations: As a docent at Gilroy Gardens; a volunteer april/may 2019