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Not Something to Ignore door, for example). A case-by-case option is a good alternative to volunteering. Some older adults prefer to be with younger groups – have a picnic where they could vicariously socialize with kids playing sports. Knowledge is key. It is important to find out why they have withdrawn from society are they embarrassed because they now need a walker or are they dealing with incontinence? Lack of mobility discourages socializing but even someone in a wheel chair can take a painting class. Help them find ways to reach out. Talk to them, but do so with a commitment to be patient and to be non-judgmental. Perhaps their doctor could shed light on any physiological reasons for the withdrawal. As the report says, loneliness can be as lethal. Don’t ignore it! Proudly Employee Owned The direct relationship between work, ownership, and community involvement fuels a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Sources: “Lonely Baby Boomers Report a Public Threat” – Meyer, R.A. (2019) Medium Corp. 1351 Pacheco Pass Hwy Gilroy, CA 95020 408-842-3358 “Are You Secretly Lonely” – Chopra, D. “When Retirement is a Bad fit” – Eisenberg, R. Next Avenue. “Solving the Baby Boomer’s Loneliness Crisis” – Breeding, B. (2018). RecologySouthValley-ad.indd 1 Experience Matters 3/7/2019 10:53:20 AM As a fifth generation family company, we know that experience counts when it comes to senior living. Our community features a seasoned team that is here to provide an exceptional experience. We know how to provide a lifestyle that is filled with freedom, flexibility, friendships and fun! Call today to schedule your personal visit! (408) 843-4268 • 7600 Isabella Way, Gilroy, CA 95020 Retirement Living • Assisted Living • Memory Care 030419a_Gilroy_GMH_Today_Magazine_A.indd 1 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN Lic #435202344 3/4/19 11:19 AM april/may 2019 63