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SUPPLIES Permanent Sharpies 91% Rubbing Alcohol Small container or jar for alcohol Krylon or any Clear Coating to seal (Parents Use Only!!) Aluminum Foil Cover for Work Area Eye Dropper or Paint Brush Tiles, White Ceramic Tiles (available at Home Depot) TIP Work in a well-ventilated area! For easy clean up, set up work station and put foil under the tile, as the alcohol runs off sides. STEP ONE Clean off tile. Write name on bottom to identify Color tile or vase with permanent Sharpies. Apply the marker color heavily to cover all areas. Can leave small white areas. STEP TWO “Drop and Stop.” Say that out loud as each child uses the eye dropper to drop the alcohol onto the colored tile or vase. Little drops at a time, letting the colors mix. It is like Magic! STEP THREE Let Dry Parents spray the projects with a clear coating of sealer. Let the sealer dry. Put a flower in the vase for a special touch! GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN april/may 2019 111