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Don DeLorenzo it's your SWING Don has been the PGA General Manager of Gilroy Golf Course since 1985. He is a former winner of the Bill Stausbaugh award given by the PGA of America for excellence in education. He was named the 2014 Gilroy Chamber of Commerce Man of the Year and was born and raised in Gilroy. Spring is in the Air… It's Time for Golf M WESTERN GETAWAYS any of us decide that November through February is golf’s “off season.” The weather is unpredictable. Holidays and school vacations alter our normal routine. Add that to the fact that the days are short, which all but eliminates a quick nine after work. But once the time change happens and the days start to warm up and dry out, our internal golf clock tells us it’s time to get out on the course and enjoy the game we love. So you ask yourself, what’s the best way to make this year the most enjoyable golf year ever? The answer is. . .equipment, technique and friends. Let’s start with equipment. Now I’m not advocating that you go out and buy a new set of clubs to start the golf season. However, you may want to take inventory of your current set and see if adding a club or two will help. Maybe it’s time to retire that five-year-old driver in favor of a new high tech model. Technology in drivers is mind blowing. Even for me, a guy who has been in the golf business for close to 40 years. So if your driver isn’t adjustable, if the head isn’t titanium, and isn’t able to switch shafts with a simple twist of a tool…time for a change. The drivers today can adjust the loft up or down two degrees and can go from a slice to a draw depending on your tendency. You can also switch the shaft flex if you’ve lost a little club head speed and want to go to a softer shaft. Face it, if you don’t want to lose that competitive edge over your playing partners, then go out and be the first “kid on the block” with the new “toy.” Putter woes got you down? The latest news is putter fitting. PING in particular has come out with length adjust- able putters so with the help of your pro you can zero in on the perfect length that gets your eyes over the ball and your stroke just right. You owe it to yourself to get a putter that is just right for YOU, not for “most” of the people. So with a new putter and driver, you have taken care of half of your game. It’s up to you to decide if the irons and hybrids you have need replacement or not. I will tell you this, if you don’t have any hybrids, you are cheating yourself. . . 114 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN GOLF get a couple. If new clubs aren’t in your budget this year, at the very least, treat yourself to some new grips on your old clubs. I swear they will feel like new. Next let’s deal with technique. It’s always a great idea to start the new golf season with a golf lesson. Oh sure, you say, you are too old to learn something new or you’ve had plenty of lessons and they don’t help. But trust me, a little refresher hour on the range with your local pro will be money well spent. You don’t want to start the new season with the same weaknesses that you had last season. Remember you can take a quick overview of your entire game, including tee shots, fairway metals, irons, chipping or putting. Or maybe there is simply one area of your game that you need to focus on. Whichever it is, it’s your chance to start out on the right foot. How about something you rarely think about until you need it… . .the rules of golf. Did you know that 2019 has brought with it more than ten MAJOR CHANGES to the USGA rules of golf? Brush up on these online, or look at the Facebook page for Gilroy Golf Course for an upcoming rules seminar during which these new rules will be explained and demonstrated. Lastly is friendship. There is no more social sport than golf. There’s nothing like strolling down the fairway with your friends on a Sunday morning. All the while, engaging in a little friendly bantering about who’s going to make or miss the next putt. How about playing Gilroy Golf Course’s ever popular twilight league with friends or co-workers on a Thursday evening? Or, bring your child or grandchild to a summer clinic so they can experience this great game right along with you. Clubs are also available to join at all the local courses so you can meet golfers of the same skill level, compete in tournaments, or take some “road trips” to local courses. So, when you get those clubs out to start the season, take a look at your game and see what’s missing. Let’s make 2019 the best golf year ever! april/may 2019