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needed opening up. Before purchasing, they interviewed three contractors to make sure they could get what they wanted. Two said no. Dave said yes. DRD Construction removed walls to open the space, lifted the kitchen ceiling, remodeled the bathrooms, and took space from a large master bedroom to create an office. “They seemed to know what I wanted before I knew it,” Leslie said. “They suggested adding open beams to open the space. Ultimately, we made all the decisions, but they provided gentle nudges. You think it can’t be as wonderful as it seems, but it is. It was a great experience.” Eric and Kelly Orellana live on a quiet cul-de-sac in Morgan Hill. They loved the neighbors and neighborhood, but with five kids, they needed another bedroom. “We wanted the transition to be seamless, not look like an add- on. None of the many contractors we interviewed would commit to that. I was ready to give up until we saw Dave’s five-star reviews on Yelp. When I reached out to him, he calmed my fears, said he could make our home fit our family,” said Kelly. “ You need to get in touch with the client,” Dave said. “You have to pay attention and listen to what they want. We give them information, nudges at times, so they can make better decisions.” “We’re thankful we found him. If we hadn’t, we wouldn’t have had it done,” said Kelly. DRD Construction turned the formal dining room into a fifth bedroom, redid a downstairs bathroom, and added new flooring. “Remodeling is stressful, but I had peace of mind and trusted them all the way. People who see it can’t believe that it looks so natural.” “The best part of the remodeling business? I love making friends,” Dave said as our interview came to an end. Before I left, he said, “Wait, I have a to-go cup.” He reheated my coffee in the microwave, gave me the cup, and we shook hands. Inviting someone to work on your home is nerve- wracking: You want someone who respects your home, provides good value for your money, and pays attention to you and the details of the work. You want someone who shows up on time, who’s honest, and who fulfills their promises. You want someone like David Domenichini. GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN february/march 2019 91