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producer Brian Gibbs and his team, including Stephanie Patereau, and Dan Semon from Tool Shed Studios. With their help we offer music production and digital engineering instruction as well as music lessons on guitar, drums, banjo, ukulele, and violin.  to express themselves. We encourage them to share their music with the community at events and performances. It brings a sense of pride, togetherness and teamwork, and a sense of being valued for their artistic as well as academic achievements.  There’s a big emphasis on STEM education nowadays. Would you say music is equally important and why? Any upcoming events the community should know about? There is absolutely a need to promote science, technology, engineering and math learning for our future. But it’s not the whole picture. As human beings our primary need is socialization, and our cultural traditions are an expres- sion of our social nature. Without the arts—beauty, expression, emotion, and togetherness, what really is left that separates humans from machines? That’s why I feel that music is so impor- tant to share with our students. Music requires discipline and practice to develop skill—there are no instant results—but through that effort, students get in touch with their feelings and their sense of identity and 84 At Art a la Carte in April 2019, we will run the main stage. We’ll also be involved with Morgan Hill’s Friday Night Music Series during the summer; and our annual benefit concert, Rock for a Reason, in August. Our performance team (advanced students) will be performing at commu- nity events, house parties, and cocktail receptions for various businesses, non- profits, community groups, and private gatherings as well. Feel free to contact us if you would like to book our tal- ented musicians for your next event! If you could hear any performer, right now, who would you choose? That’s a very difficult question. As a GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN february/march 2019 professional musician, I appreciate and see value in almost all music. But I’m a romantic so I’d have to say… Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald performing “Autumn in New York” would absolutely make my day! There’s something so beautiful, bittersweet, and comfortable about that song, and those two gifted musicians delivered on the promise of great music with a sincere and emotionally moving performance. What would you say to students who are interested but feel they don’t have “the X factor”? First of all, making music is a skill that anyone can learn. A lot more goes into making it a career. It’s not for everyone, but you don’t have to be a professional musician to have music in your life. Some of our students get into it simply for the joy of it. We always offer a free consultation, so if you are wondering if music is a good fit for you, just come on in and “try it on!” Find out more about the Music As Language at