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A picture might be worth a thousand words. The story that goes with these pictures of a beautifully decorated home at Christmas is worth way more than a thousand words. TODAY typically photographs a home, decorated for Christmas, the year before our holiday issue is published. The home of Dr. Jernell Escobar that we photographed in 2017 has a great backstory. Local dentist Jernell Escobar had a beautiful Eagle Ridge home that was wonderfully decorated by Natalia Voloshi of ENVY Décor in San Jose. Jarnell invited TODAY to photograph her home right before her 2017 Holiday party. The home was beautiful and the decorations were outstanding. Every room had a theme and was delightfully put together. The party also served as an unofficial announcement party to introduce Jarnell and Dr. Bas Wafelbakker as a couple to family and friends. There was a feeling of an imminent engagement in the air. Jernell and Wafelbakker did get engaged and were married on September 15, 2018. She sold her Eagle Ridge home earlier this year. We were fortunate to obtain permission from the new owners of the Eagle Ridge home to use the 2017 Christmas photos. gmh gmh GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN december 2018-january 2019 71