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Publishers J. Chris Mickartz Larry J. Mickartz 86 88 70 Artfully Yours GILROY ART CENTER'S BRIGHT FUTURE 98 Manners Matter RESOLUTIONS THAT MATTER IN 2019 100 Kids Corner PAPER MACHE HOLIDAY DECORATIONS 102 Dining Out with Friends SMALL BUT AMAZING, SWEET SICILY 105 Health Wise EAT, DRINK AND BE MERRY THIS HOLIDAY SEASON 106 It’s Your Swing GOLF…THE AT&T PEBBLE BEACH PRO-AM CONTRIBUTORS 9 The Mirage of Rent Control THE DINSMORE TEAM • REAL ESTATE 63 A Place for People with Dementia DORIE SUGAY • VISITING ANGELS 96 Keeping Johnny Busy this Holiday Season GO KIDS INC • EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION W ell, as hard as it is to believe, the holidays are just around the corner. The older we get, the faster they seem to come. Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays, I'm just not crazy about the speed in which the years seem to fl y by. And daylight savings time always throws me. I'm a morning person and losing that hour in the fall is tough. I'm all for Daylight Savings Time all year round. We want to welcome back a good friend and amazing writer, Kelly Barbazette. It will be nice to work with her again. We also want to congratulate our Associate Editor, Robin Shepherd for being honored by the Morgan Hill Community Foundation for her work with Lewy Body Dementia Awareness and Research on behalf of Sue Berghoff . Robin produced a docu- mentary that has been used to call the attention of the medical community to the disease. We met Mayor Steve Tate and his lovely wife, Jennifer in 2013, when we decided to publish Morgan Hill Today. They were so helpful and welcoming that we felt very comfortable with our new venture. Since then, we consider them friends and have enjoyed working with them both; whether it be iden- tifying editorial content or contributing to a story. We know Steve will be missed at City Hall but can't imagine a Morgan Hill event without he and Jennifer — so we're planning on many more fun times with them (pages 46-51). There seems to be much trepidation over the slow move- ment in the revitalization of Gilroy's downtown core. We set out to see just what was happening and we are happy to share all the great things that are in the works (pages 54-55). As we age we began to lose things, the most heartfelt losses are those of our friends. Larry and I lost someone that we both enjoyed although he and Larry were closer. Many of you would know Dennis Lalor as the Executive Director of South County Housing. Those of you who had the pleasure of knowing him socially, most likely would refer to him as a friend. We bid him a fond farewell (pages 86-87) We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. E njoy!! GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN december 2018-january 2019 5