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HEALTH AND WELLNESS Orange Theory Fitness An Innovative Way to Keep in Shape E Written By Jordan Rosenfeld 36 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN laine Little, the 42-year-old owner of the Orange Theory Fitness’s Morgan Hill franchise, has figured out that the only people her members want to compete with at the gym are themselves. The studio, which opened in December, 2016, offers a unique approach to the traditional gym. Backed by evidence- based workout templates, members are hooked up to a heart rate monitor during class, so that they can aim to keep their heart rate in the “orange zone” (hence the name). “If you stay in the orange zone for twelve or more minutes, you create epoc—excess post-oxygen consumption —” Little explained. This depletes your body of oxygen, which takes 36 hours to recoup, meaning you burn calories on your rest days. Plus, the classes are pre-planned for every day so there’s not a lot of thinking required. “You can roll out of bed. The coach has it all dialed in and they bring the energy. It’s like your cup of coffee in the morning,” Little said. Orange Theory Fitness offers classes every day of the year. She said the method breeds a level of “accountability” that may not be typical in other gyms, which is encouraged by the members themselves. Through an app that members can december 2018-january 2019