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First Row: Angelia Guglielmo, Patricia Gonzalez, Poonam Chabra, Suman Ganapathy Second Row: Sergio Pires, Michael Ozuna, Denise Chorley, Daniel Sandid, Melissa Scatena, Alex Vo Third Row: Darren Dean, Michael Ramoneda, Pam van der Leeden, Vishal Bathija The governance between the LMH Board, LCAC, and the City to ensure the right approvals for the artwork brought a high level of integrity to our project. We were guided by commissioner Norma Bussing as our LCAC liaison. Our biggest challenge as a project team was scheduling and dedicating the immense amount of time required to complete this complex project while balancing the work with our careers and family responsibilities. We chose a collaborative project app that allowed us to be in constant communication. This aided in scheduling resources to prime the box just in time for the artist to begin painting, and then applying the anti-graffiti coat just after the artist finished painting, all of which was essential to having a quality finished work.  Ultimately, everyone in the class contributed. Nine artists poured their creativity into designing concepts for and paint- ing eleven utility boxes in different locations around Morgan Hill, and the project was finished well within our time con- straint and fundraising budget of $10,000.      We are very proud of our project and its positive impact on our community. Not only do the painted boxes reduce GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN graffiti, but the art and uplifting messages showcase our city’s shared values, diversity, and beauty.    Chris Ghione, Morgan Hill’s Community Services Director, was integral to the process throughout the project.  He said, “I am so very proud to have been able to work your amazing group. I can truly say, this is one of the most impactful leadership projects I have seen here in the City.” Looking back, our class agreed we had learned many things about leadership throughout the program. According to Melissa Scatena, “Leadership is about listening and valuing different points of view in achieving a common goal for the betterment of a project, a com- munity, a society.” Looking ahead, we’re considering and planning how we can next serve our community!  december 2018-january 2019 19