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Be even kinder and more helpful — especially to older people. Especially in our current world — kindness starts with me. ’Tis the season to shop locally Locally owned and operated retail shops rely on us, the customers within their town, to frequent their businesses on a regular basis in order to keep their doors open. Many retail businesses rely on holiday shopping to keep them afl oat so this time of year is extremely important to them, however a constant stream of revenue throughout the year will help assure that our favorite local stores are still open for business come the 2020 holiday season. Here are five reasons to shop locally and keep our spending dollars in the community: Jane Paessler Nob Hill Checker I hope to get a couple of mural projects in Morgan Hill. 1 JOBS Local shops employ local residents, meaning that there will be more job opportunities within the community. The domino effect of hiring locally equals more local stores that hire local residents to help with marketing, accounting and supplies. 2 PRODUCT DIVERSITY Local shops are more apt to stock their stores with products that their specifi c community will want. Big box stores, on the other hand, have national sales plans and generally stock products that are sought on a regional level. Francisco Ramirez Artist Raymond Lee Real Estate Broker My goal is to do intermittent fast- ing for a healthier lifestyle – not eat- ing between the hours of 8 p.m and 1:00 pm. #220 (this hashtag is for a group of my friends). To be more disciplined in my physical exercise program and eating habits. Beverly Meyer Cosmetology Student • EXPLORE NEW MUSIC • READ A BOOK EACH WEEK • PLAY MORE VIDEO GAMES • QUIT SMOKING • GIVE TO CHARITY 3 INCREASED TAX BASE Local shops pay local sales tax. That tax can be used by our cit- ies for things like infrastructure improvements, police and fi re, libraries, and parks. 4 COMPETITION Local shops help keep the big box stores and internet retailers honest. Without them, higher prices can be levied without checks and balances. By having a thriving local small business presence, all the stores will have to keep their prices competi- tive to attract business. 5 COMMUNITY HEALTH The most important element of shopping locally is the social and emotional side. Running into a friend or family member at the local ‘mom and pop shop’ offers an opportunity to connect and unite the community. Small businesses are community enthusiasts and more times than not they are the businesses who support our local non-profi ts and are more apt to donate to local causes. 15