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Help people smile by playing my ukulele and singing “You Are My Sunshine” to them. Every day — I will document/journal at least one item that I am thankful for — so then I should have a list of 365 items at the end of 2019! I got this idea from a book I read. Christina Turner City Administrator, City of Morgan Hill Spend more time with my family and take them to Disneyland. Focus on my health and look for a spiritual home. Angela Tabora DSW Sales Associate Kari Jones Gilroy Resident/Shopper Make it a point to do something nice for someone each day and also work on improving my health and fitness. Make new memories, travel whenever possible, and do things I have not done before. As time progresses and life happens, you start to lose the young spirit, I'd like to find and tap into that young spirit again; having a positive outlook on everything and choosing happiness every time. Evan Daniels Sales/Mechanic Bike Therapy Esmeralda Soto Home Depot Victor Garcia Tamale Salesman Cassidy Ramirez Human Resources I will be pushing to ride my touring bike a lot more to get ready for a 200-mile ride I will be making in the Spring. My goal for 2019 is to start college and stay alive. And make my family and friends proud of me. Spend more time with the people I love and prioritize reading and traveling, two things that also bring me great joy. Claudia Sandoval Fund Development & Community Relations Director, Rebekah Children's Services Sheldon Daley Trader Joe’s Clerk To spend less money on things and more on experiences. I will write a book that inspires complete health and well-being. Sheeda Golpour, Corporate Sales Rep Dr. Austin Jones, Chiropractor Tara Hunt, Kindergarten Teacher Top Twenty New Year's Resolutions HAVE A HEALTHIER BODY • LEARN ANOTHER LANGUAGE • MEET NEW PEOPLE • EAT HEALTHY FOODS • PROCRASTINATE LESS • INCREASE MY EDUCATION • WATCH LESS TV • GET BETTER SLEEP • OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT • BE MORE PHYSICALLY ACTIVE • BE MORE CALM AND PEACEFUL • PICK UP A NEW HOBBY • CREATE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE • COMPLAIN LESS • START A MEDITATION PRACTICE 14 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN december 2018-january 2019