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Roasted, Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Parmesan,} J.Chris opted for the Salmone “Piccata” (Salmon, Lemon Juice, Caper, Seasonal Vegetables, Oregano), Mike chose Top Sirloin Steak “Five Pepper” (Top Sirloin Steak, Marsala Wine, Mushroom, Cream, Five Pepper), and I selected the Chicken Rolls “Sweet Sicily” (Chicken, Bacon, Mushroom, Red Wine, Onion, Tomato sauce.) When they all arrive we were over- whelmed by the presentation and aromas. If you were expecting one of those so called “Italian” restaurants where each sauce is a variation of their red and white sauces, Sweet Sicily is not your place. Each dish had a unique sauce and each was delicious! Starting with our pastas, the Gnocci was in a light sauce with white wine and cream. The chicken melted into the flavorful liquid. The Penne “Pesto Sicilia” was not the heavy green pesto blend one often sees but a subtle blend of tomato, basil, almonds and cheese. The pasta itself was al dente and the sauce sublime. The pesto was subtle, not overwhelming, and abso- lutely delicious. For lack of a better conclusion the consensus was “Yum.” The entrees were remarkably differ- ent but consistently well-presented and delicious. The Chicken Parmigiana was as good as you will find anywhere… absolutely and fundamentally delicious. The Salmone “Piccata” sat in a lemon, wine, caper broth that was a perfect home. The tangy red and yellow peppers offered a little flavor kick. The Sirloin Steak “Five Pepper” had an extraordinary rich flavor with a woodsy undertone. The steak was perfect and surrounded with a bed of rich mush- rooms. The Chicken Rolls “Sweet Sicily” was an outstanding combination of rich flavors and textures. The flavorful mushrooms were very different from the mushrooms on the steak. Both were a perfect complement to their respec- tive dishes. There was no way we were going to finish all of this great food. Thankfully staff was eager to set us up with to-go boxes. For our final round we ordered some perfect decaf Cappuccinos and visited the dessert displays. With so many great choices we finally settled on a Cinnamon Tree with Sugar, a Cannoncini di Ricotta, a Pistachio Mousse, and a Mixed Fruit Binge. It is almost impossible to describe how delicious and unique each one of these were. One thing we noticed during our extravagant dinner. Sweet Sicily gets a lot of take-out customers. There were only a few dinner guests like us. In conclusion if you have not been to Sweet Sicily there are at least three very good reasons to visit this delicious bistro. Number one, the cookies, sweets and deserts are absolutely fabulous. Number two, this is a great take-out spot. I am already hoping for an evening when Chris and I can take advantage of this. Number three, dine in at Sweet Sicily. The food is wonderful. Just remember to bring your own wine. I have no hesitation in recommending Sweet Sicily! Dessert Pistachio Mouse Cannoncini de Ricotta Mixed Fruit Binge Cinnamon Tree "Five Pepper” Top Sirloin Salmone "Piccata” GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN december 2018-january 2019 103