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This is a 3 dimensional project that teaches coloring mixing and use of texture. We used the primary colors- red, yellow and blue because they mix to make all the other colors. We added green tissue because of the holiday. Select the colors you like! Even different shades of one color are beautiful! This is a great project for hand eye coordination, creating texture on a smooth surface, and making individual artistic choices. No two are alike and it is fun and the results are Amazing!! Let’s get started: Cover your surface and get everything prepped before you start. We used an oil cloth. TEAR up colored tissue and put each color in a separate paper plate. Do not cut tissue with scissors as torn edges mesh together for a smoother result. Put a few rocks inside a paper cup and tape the weighted cup to the bottom of a blown up balloon. This makes it easier to turn and work on. In small containers, put in half white glue, half Modge Podge and mix in a little water. You can use Modge Podge by itself too. Using a brush, paint part of balloon with the glue mixture. Then place torn tissue onto glue mixture— repeat—covering balloon. Paint over the tissue with the glue mixture, add more tissue, paint over and layer until completely covered. Repeat process until you have at least three layers of tissue. SUPPLIES White Glue, Modge Podge Various size Balloons Container to mix glue, Modge Podge and water Paper Cups with rocks inside for weight Painter’s tape or masking tape Large Paint Brushes Glitter Colored Tissue Paper Paper plates to hold torn up tissue pieces Cover for work surface Scissors While glue mixture is wet, sprinkle with glitter. Let dry a few hours or overnight. Remove cup. For spheres or ornaments, cover bottom to and leave balloon inside. Paper Mache Bowls are made the same way. We used silver and gold tissue. Do not cover the bottom half of the balloon with tissue. When the tissue is completely dry (overnight is good), pop and remove the balloon. Trim around the edge with scissors. You can make these bowls any size and color and for any occasion. Use your imagination. GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN december 2018-january 2019 101