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SPECIAL SECTION I HEALTH AND WELLNESS EXERCISE is a great way to lose weight, but its positive effects stretch far beyond shedding unwanted pounds. In fact, health experts agree that if exercise could be put into a pill it would be the fastest selling drug on the market! Not only does exercise do wonders for your body, it also increases your critical thinking skills, as well as your verbal memory, problem solving, and psychomotor speed (the association between thinking and doing.) Perhaps the best thing is that exercise is relatively low in cost and doesn’t require huge amounts of time to reap its beneficial effects. Just two and a half hours of moderate aerobic activity a week can set you on the path to a better mind and body. Anything that gets your heart going and makes you break into a light sweat is going to be good for you, but typically the best health results come from a combination of strength training exercises and aerobic activities. No matter what your interests are, there is likely an exercise program that is perfect for your journey to better health. GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN december 2018-january 2019 29