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Still struggling to master the English language she asked her cousin to accompany her to the interview, as her interpreter. The fact that Leos wasn’t fluent in English didn’t deter David Peoples, owner of the Nimble Thimble at the time, from hiring her. Leos still recalls his response when her cousin explained to him that Leos didn’t speak English. ‘Well, the machine doesn’t speak English,” he’d said, adding that he never regretted hiring Leos. “She always came to work. She always did what I asked her to do, and it was always turned out on time,” Peoples said with a smile. Seven years later, in 1992, contemplating the idea of opening her own business Leos was hesitant to begin such a bold endeavor. Her boss offered the perfect solution. She could rent the back space of People’s store. Four years and a great deal of experience later, Leos moved out of the Nimble Thi XH[[\\[][ۈ]L ]Y] ܈ݙ\XY\Y[[x&\š\۝[YY]K'H[[H]HHۜ\[[][H8'H[œZY Y[]Y\[\[HYXHY8'H]\Y 8'BHY[HYH[Hو]\٘X[ۋ[\[Y]\]XYH[HܙX][\YYH\[]8&\XYH\HX\ٝ[[\[]\'H[^\Y\ܚˈH[^\\]B\Y\\[H[^\\]ۈ[YK8'H[\ZY H]\HY [&\\ܚ[YX][ۈ\‘SH8(SԑSS8(SPTS\\Y\H\Y\\H]^[H[B\ۛ˂'^HYH\HX]\H^HX\Hܚ8'B[ZY 8'HH^H\[ܚ˸'B[H\[\X[ZX[H[\[[\]Y\XZ\K\HY\YY[[x&\ݙ\ MHYX\˜Yˈ^x&]HY[Z[\]\[K'HXX[HY[و\ XZ\x&\KH\\\[™HZYܘYHYY 8'H[\[ZY 'HY\Y[\H[\Y] HY^B\ˈHY[H[\][ۜۈ[HY\XZY˸'B[\Hۙ\ܞHوܙX][[[\[Y[™\\ˈ\YX\[ۙHx&\ܚYۈ[ܙH[ L ۜˈHH\][H[[ۙH[ݚY\™XXۈ]\[]YY][[ۈ]Z[[\X[ۋX\\XX]YH[\\Y\˂\YX\[ܙX]YHY[ۈ܈\Y\XH^X[Y\\ؙ\Y[^X[\[Y[]Hو\[[Hۋ[ۙ]HK']X[܈[\[ܙX]H^HX[H\8'B^X[ܛKY[8'X\H۝[YHZ[[ܙYXB[XZ[Y\X]]Y[ 'B[&H\\]X[H\XX]]Kو^X[\\Y\[H[\H[H[][]K'HݙHH[][]H[HX\YHH[H[XZ]HHH[K8'H[ZY Y[ˈ8'^H\HZ][YH[[K'BБTӓՑSPT NZ^KBM